The next generation of 3-axis milling machines.

Our 3-axis milling machines:

CE 1000

Our all-rounder.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=1.060 mm | y=600 mm | z=600 mm

E 1600

Our all-rounder in large version.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=1.600 mm | y=800 mm | z=800 mm

E 2050

Large and ergonomic is no contradiction.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=2.050 mm | y=1.150 mm | z=780 mm

Milling is our life. And yours, too, I’m sure. For this reason, we have placed our focus on machining centres that leave nothing to be desired.

Do you know what orders you have to make tomorrow? Today, this question is often answered with a clear “NO”. That is why we have equipped all POS machines in such a way that almost no wishes remain unfulfilled. Everything you need for profitable processing is on board. Fully equipped! Coupled with a solid design, you can reliably process everything from aluminium to hardened steel.

Our 3-axis milling machines

The machine stands of our 3-axis milling machines are made of Meehanite cast steel. In our opinion, cast steel is far ahead of the currently popular mineral casting made of synthetic resin and concrete. Because: In mineral casting, two materials with two different coefficients of expansion collide: the machine body made of mineral casting and the linear guides made of steel. Both are firmly screwed together. Tensions arise between the two materials. The expansion advantage is thus eliminated. Nevertheless, many manufacturers rely on mineral casting, as this keeps production costs down. The price advantage is usually not passed on to the customer, i.e. you.

We do it differently – and better. We rely on cast steel for technical reasons. In this way, they are technically optimally positioned.

Areas of application for our 3-axis milling machines

The checklist for your machine choice

Our service promise for you

Our focus is on milling. Thanks to our decades of experience in this field, we know what matters when choosing the right milling machine – and what the needs and requirements of the users are. Therefore, we supply all our machines in full equipment. We prepare our milling machines in such a way that processes in your company are optimised. Together with you, we check the entire process of workpiece production in your production in order to find the right machine and automation solution for your team. And we support you in financing your 3-axis milling machine.

Other advantages of 3-axis milling machines

  • 90% of all installed components are from Germany
  • If glass scales then we use the best in the class
  • Accuracies in the standard that you can only buy as an option from the competition.

Our complete portfolio

Automate your machining center

In milling, it is the same as in the manufacturing world: When processes can be automated, this usually means less time loss, more beautiful work and more money. Therefore, we have made sure that our 3-axis milling machines are (like) made for automation.

Our 3-axis milling machines are prepared for all types of automation. The experience of our customers shows: This approach has proven its worth. Especially when our own POS automation solution POSRobo is in use. The solution convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio and gives you and your team a decisive market advantage.


The cross table has been optimized commercially over many decades. In this way, we can offer you an optimal price-performance ratio. At the same time, we have completely reworked the cross table for you in order to eliminate the disadvantages. For example, we use six oversized guide carriages to ensure optimum stability.

You, too, will be confronted with completed facts by your customer. They give out the actual order later and later, but the originally discussed delivery date of the parts remains. We have a solution for this: With our standardized products, we can generate very short delivery times. The short-term rental supports this behaviour positively and you can decide at short notice and free of banks.

Full equipment is our basic equipment

We already have almost all conceivable options in the standard equipment of our milling machines and lathes. This way, no process-safeguarding elements are omitted. In addition, you can easily add the right automation solution to your machining center even later.