Automate –
easier than ever with POS

Our automation solutions:

R 74 / 125

The standard tool changer changes tools and workpieces.
Patented & compatible with all POS machines.

R 500

The strong one for large parts.
Range up to 3 m &
compatible with all POS machines.

Our automation solutions ensure efficient production processes.

As a master of process optimization, it is very important to us to speed up your processes and make the work for your employees even leaner and safer. For this reason, we have dealt intensively with one topic: automation.

If machine tools are loaded automatically, this makes production processes significantly more efficient and means great economic advantages for companies. That is why we offer suitable automation solutions for your needs.

For more than 45 years, we have been developing solutions for milling machines and lathes with the idea of integrating these into the world of automation as easily as possible. Please do not make the mistake and immediately think of robots standing next to your machine. Because this would increase investment costs to dizzying heights, which might endanger your existence. And this would create a MUST-automation solution. It MUST run, because it was so expensive and otherwise will not pay off. Not with POS! We always look for CAN-automation first. That means You can use the automation productively, but the investment does not break your back in an emergency. In this way, we have developed patented automation solutions that are cheap for you and lead you to success. This is the great advantage of POS products.

It speaks for automation in your company

Those who rely on automation can look forward to higher productivity while at the same time relieving your employees. Two birds with one stone, which are expressed financially and in employee satisfaction. But your customers also enjoy the advantages of your automation solution – through punctual, reliable and price-optimal deliveries.

Our automation solution: POSRobo

Anyone who has been active in the market for lathes and milling machines for more than four decades will gain experience in implementing automation solutions. Over the past 45 years, we have been able to equip hundreds of POS machines with our automation solutions for our customers. And with success.

What we noticed before the development of our own automation solution: Investing in automation solutions is very costly for customers. The purchase of a milling machine was easily matched in terms of price. In other words: If you wanted to automate, you simply had to double your investment. A situation we wanted to change.

Our mission: Offer an automation solution that is so affordable that a machine does not have to run 24/7 to make the investment worthwhile. We accomplished this over the course of the year. With POSRobo.

Your benefits at a glance:

Project by project more experience in automation

Since there has been no cost-effective solution for automation on the market to date, we decided to create our own. It cost us a lot of sweat and tears – but the result is impressive. And has been making our customers from a wide range of industries happy for many years.

Our big plus: POSRobo is priced in such a way that you are not forced to use the automation solution to make it worthwhile. In other words: No compulsory automation, but a naturally occurring ROI without anyone having to bend or break.

The POSRobo series is what our customers have been waiting for.

  • Patented solution in small size
  • Can be used without additional space requirement
  • Still a simple operation of the machine
  • No CE conformity adjustment necessary

POSRobo - the smart solution for your machining centre

Our automation solution for your machining centre is available in two variants:
POSRobo R 74 / 125 and POSRobo R 500.

The former is a patented tool and workpiece changer without requiring additional tool space. The solution captures all tools that fit into a tool changer and has up to 120 storage spaces.

To automate large parts, we have developed the R 500 solution with a range of up to three meters and a load capacity of 350 kg. It has up to 30 storage spaces.

With our two solutions for automation, you end the search for tools, the calibration and the constant loading of magazines by hand. All this saves time. All this saves a lot of time. You will see: By using POSRobo, you and your workforce save several hours of work each year.

  • Use of “unmanned” night hours
  • Reduction of the hustle and bustle in the company
  • More time for your day-to-day business
  • Relieved and satisfied employees and customers

Our complete portfolio


Automation is expensive. We wanted to change this and developed our own automation solution, POSRobo, which is comparatively inexpensive and compatible with our machines. Furthermore, it was a matter of the heart to us to be able to fully support the customer on the phone and on site.

We have launched two variants of POSRobo: POSRobo R 74 / 125, a patented tool changer that can also change workpieces. And POSRobo R 500 for automating large and heavy workpieces.

Full equipment is our basic equipment

We already have almost all conceivable options in the standard equipment of our milling machines and lathes. This way, no process-safeguarding elements are omitted. In addition, you can easily add the right automation solution to your machining center even later.

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