Milling machines & lathes with a difference:

Secure future through full equipment.

More stable and precise.

Quality guarantee:
90 % German components.

Fair, functioning and affordable: 79 Euros.

In-house patented automation solutions.

Financing: Simple, direct and without a bank.

Full equipment is our basic equipment

We already have almost all conceivable options in the standard equipment of our milling machines and lathes. This way, no process-safeguarding elements are omitted. In addition, you can easily add the right automation solution to your machining center even later.

The POS machine portfolio

CE 1000

Our all-rounder.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=1.060 mm | y=600 mm | z=600 mm

E 1600

Our all-rounder in large version.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=1.600 mm | y=800 mm | z=800 mm

E 2050

Large and ergonomic is no contradiction.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=2.050 mm | y=1.150 mm | z=780 mm

H 500 U

Our transformation artist.
5-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=650 mm | y=850 mm | z=500 mm

H 800 U

Our all-rounder with safety reserves.
5-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=670 mm | y=820 mm | z=600 mm

H 2200 U

Large and highly profitable.
5-axis milling machine /
machining centre
x=2.200 mm | y=1.400 mm | z=1.000 mm

E 450

Our all-rounder and highly flexible.
Lathe / machining centre
x=305 mm | z=750, 1.250 mm

R 74 / 125

The standard tool changer changes tools and workpieces.
Patented & compatible with all POS machines.

R 500

The strong one for large parts.
Range up to 3 m &
compatible with all POS machines.

The checklist for your machine selection.

After almost half a century of experience in the industry, we know the requirements you have as a parts manufacturer or mass producer, mould maker, model maker, special machine builder or toolmaker. POS consistently fulfils these requirements with a concentrated range of fully equipped machines, excellent support and future-proofing right through to the after-market.

Experience in mechanical engineering


… satisfied customers

… Hours running time of our
machines in the market per year

 … Euros worth of spare parts in stock
ensures maximum availability

… – i.e. 5µm positioning accuracy
according to DIN EN ISO 230

Used machines from POS

The motto “everything from a single source” does not stop at the return of your old machine. Upon request, POS will take back your old machine and you will not have to worry about the issues of warranty, subsequent customer, dismantling and removal and possible disposal. Simply carefree!

Used POS machines are of course available from us with the proven POS fidelity guarantee and are therefore safe. Even if you choose a used POS machine. Take a look around:

We let others speak for us

Customer K... from T... writes:
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.... first we had almost no work, now everything is coming at once. Sure, then all of a sudden the controls go crazy. POS has all the spare parts within reach, is on the machine within a few hours and shortly afterwards it is running again without malfunction. Sure, things happen every now and then. But what's important, is how this is handled. POS responds swiftly and without any bureaucracy.
Customer A... from B... writes:
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.... I am the advisor of Mr. A... of the company A.... "I'm sure you know that Mr. A... is in financial difficulties because of the coronavirus. He asked me to contact his bank and you about a deferral. When would you have time for us come to you to discuss all the modalities." " For now we first reduce the rents for the next six months by half, this should give Mr. A ... some room to breathe. Agreed?" My advisor was flabbergasted. After the holidays, business was back on an acceptable level and I was able to continue with normal rental payments early. I will catch up on the reductions in the next few months. Please note, without additional interest or fees. MY THANKS to the whole POS-team
Customer P... from B... writes:
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What is true must also remain true! .... .... due to the automobile crisis and intensified by the Corona era, I was forced to speak with our lenders regarding the granted bank loans and leasing obligations. A conversation with Mr. Helle was also scheduled. One phone call, no meetings, no conversations with an advisor, just one phone call with Mr. Helle! "Absolutely, you can suspend rent payment for four months, then we'll talk again." That's it! At the time, I had not even received a recall from anyone in charge of the other lenders.
Customer L... from O... writes:
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Hello Mr. Helle, I wanted to thank you for the very fast response time of today's service deployment, as always a very good employee of yours was with us and was able to resolve our problem very quickly, the service from POS is extraordinary and certainly another reason why we like to work with your machines.
Customer B... from L... writes:
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... finally I found a new qualified employee. I told him which machining centre I wanted to choose. Without much talk about it, he said: "We used a POS. It can withstand the hardest use! My decision was quickly made. Today I can only say, "Nothing is too much for the POS! Whether performance, surface finish or precision. We are completely convinced!"
Customer K... from W... writes:
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... my 3 POSmills are the only machines that are currently fully utilized by me. I cannot divide the work between other machines, because far too little can be removed and I would have to rewrite all programs to other tools and their cutting values. POS has offered me to buy my other 2 machines and to supply me with new POSmill 5-axis machines. A hot offer in these times. From experience, I know that POS won't let me down in an emergency.
Customer K... from H... writes:
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CEO Mr. K... called and praised our two service technicians highly. - Professional and quick commissioning - very good instruction The whole package was a great fit! Extremely competent! THANK YOU
Customer K... from W... writes:
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... in addition, I would like to thank you on behalf of my employees for the excellent Heidenhain training for the 5-axis POSmill H 800 U. The unanimous statement of all trainees was that this training was the best they have ever had. The programming was carried out very practically on the computer and directly afterwards on the machine. Highly interesting were also the nominal values that were used to bring us real benefits. Our employees are already looking forward to the meeting of POS users to exchange their experiences in the summer. Due to the holiday planning, I ask you to let us know the date in good time.
Customer S... from V... writes:
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2 days ago we called because of a malfunction on our machine. A solution to our problem was found very quickly by their very competent employees and described to us very clearly. Thank you very much for your excellent service.
Customer V... from S... writes:
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Congratulations to the entire team! Great performance, great machines and nice people in the team. Thank you very much for all your help…!!! Yours sincerely, K.S.
Customer G... from F... writes:
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Servus, you have been so highly praised here by the boss and staff in terms of your appearance and ability that it must be passed on in any case. Regards, M
Customer V... from S... writes:
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Hello The H800 U has made slides and electrodes for 15.5 hours in a row ... with your automation Very, very good result, I wish you could see this! The electrodes 5Axs simultaneously …. Kind regards
Customer L... from E... writes:
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Hello Mr. H..., I wanted to thank you again for the perfectly smooth process, this is the first time we have experienced any delivery and commissioning of machines free of problems like this. A big praise also to Mr. X who had done his job more than well, he could really answer all our questions and instructed us in a top way. Thank you again and hope to continue this great collaboration.
Customer B... from N... writes:
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Dear Sirs, I would like to thank you for the EXCELLENT maintenance on our H800U last week. Thank you for the simple solution. I wish you and your team all the best, best regards
Customer W... from S... writes:
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We have been using a Posmill E1100 with Heidenhain iTNC 530 and SK 50 control since 2009. The machine is really not spared in our production and is mainly used for roughing workpieces, but this machine also masters precise workpieces. In 2018, the main spindle was replaced for the first time due to wear of the cone. The processing of repairs by Rolf Helle GmbH always convinced us with its high level of professional competence and timely implementation. The E1100 is a real "workhorse" with little downtime and therefore we can recommend it with a clear conscience.
Customer R... from S... writes:
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Currently, we are totally overloaded. An "after-hours employee" pressed the emergency stop during tool change. He did not know how to solve the error, so he called the service of the machine manufacturer nearby. After 2 days the mechanic came. The deployment was calculated at €2,100. When I called there and complained about the price, I was told that it was funny to make a mistake and then complain about the invoice amount. I could not help but say that POS would have helped me by telephone within minutes, even after the usual business hours, and I would not even have had to pay anything for that.
Customer F... from S... writes:
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after the delivery of the POSmill H 800 U was delayed by one week and we could only use it 2 weeks later, everything worked very well and exemplary with the introduction and commissioning. Our people were very satisfied with their training. With a few small gimmicks at the start we received prompt and exemplary support by phone from POS, even after working hours. Of course, work has been waiting for the machine. It was a pleasure to see the chips flying. Yes, we already see considerable advantages over our "market competitors". The low machine price offers us an advantage in the machine hourly rate calculation and the extremely powerful spindle allows us to produce in a significantly shorter time and thus gives us a real chance of earning money with the POS. We will stay in touch and I will contact you if any questions arise or if I can tell you anything special.
Customer M... from B... writes:
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Since day 1 POS-itively surprised. I have been working with the CE1000 for over a year now in single-layer tool/ mould making and achieve very good results with it. It's a real all-rounder. Our company is active in medical technology, which means that small tools are often used and special requirements are placed on positioning accuracy. The CE1000 was able to hold its own there as well. All in all, the price/performance ratio is absolutely top and a recommended machine for your intended area of application. I was also convinced by its reliability. Despite minor maintenance work, there were only few failures and no noticeable wear. The service is particularly noteworthy compared to other manufacturers. Within a few hours I could be helped with minor problems directly on the phone by remote diagnosis. If the machine fails, the problem is solved in less than 24 hours. Great and go on.
Customer L... from E... writes:
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it is nice that there are still companies / entrepreneurs like Mr Helle who keep their word. Without any legal quirks and evasive measures. We are very happy to work with Helle, for this very reason. You call each other, you talk to each other – and in almost all cases you find a common solution to upcoming problems. Meanwhile, we work with 3 POS Mil machining centres and are completely satisfied with them and if there is any damage, we know that Helle's service guarantees fast, inexpensive and uncomplicated help. Thanks also to the staff of the Helle company for your very pleasant and friendly cooperation!
Customer W... from I... writes:
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We are now expected to move into our new hall in June. Afterwards, we will possibly consider an additional milling machine. Is there any news regarding lathes? (another machine should also be added in this area) Customer testimonial: We now have 3 Posmill machines. C800; C1050 and E1100. We are extremely satisfied with the reliability of the machines, with the outstanding response time and competence of the service, as well as with the complete consultation and order processing. Our next machine will therefore be another Posmill. Thank you again for the excellent cooperation.