Our name is our programme:

Process-optimal milling.

Our milling machine portfolio:

CE 1000

Our all-rounder.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=1.060 mm | y=600 mm | z=600 mm

E 1600

Our all-rounder in large version.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=1.600 mm | y=800 mm | z=800 mm

E 2050

Large and ergonomic is no contradiction.
3-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=2.050 mm | y=1.150 mm | z=780 mm

H 500 U

Our transformation artist.
5-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=650 mm | y=850 mm | z=500 mm

H 800 U

Our all-rounder with safety reserves.
5-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=670 mm | y=820 mm | z=600 mm

H 2200 U

Large and highly profitable.
5-axis milling machine /
machining centre
x=2.200 mm | y=1.400 mm | z=1.000 mm

Optimize your manufacturing processes. Save resources.

And perfect your processes. With the POS milling machines, you benefit from state-of-the-art technology, which is characterized by above-average stability, highest dynamics and full equipment. Exactly what matters when it comes to professional milling.

Our headache-free approach: Full equipment guaranteed

Modular construction is practical – but can also cause headaches. For example, some established milling machine manufacturers offer options for their machines that customers can freely choose from. What seems comfortable can quickly become a real problem in everyday work. Important functions are missing at a later date. The work cannot be done as desired. In addition, the options cannot be retrofitted and productivity suffers.

We do it differently. All our POS milling machines are supplied with the full range of equipment. There are hardly any options. In this way, we ensure that you do not lack any process-securing elements.

In short: Full equipment is our basic equipment. You won’t get naked machines from us. We present our milling machines to you transparently, are open about our prices – and offer you more equipment for less money at the end of the day.

The checklist for your machine choice

We offer six types of milling machines

The right milling machine for every need: This is a promise we make and deliver on. From the all-rounder for 2D, 2.5D and 3D machining l to milling machines with extra-large travel to enormous performance in the 5-axis range, our milling machines meet all the requirements of everyday modern workshop-life.

Depending on the area of application, we rely on cross-table, gantry and portal construction for our milling machines.

Gantry construction

At POS we are big fans of gantry construction. All linear axes are mounted at the top and are thus subject to almost no dirt accumulation. At the same time, the large bearings of the axes of rotation can be integrated in the machine base body. In this way, maximum rigidity is achieved and the best possible accessibility is achieved. Further advantages of the gantry construction are optimal chip removal and a uniform thermal behaviour.

Portal construction

The portal design is always in demand when we are dealing with particularly large, massive machines which, despite their large design, are to be easily reached by the operator. The advantage of this design is obvious. With the X-axis size, the size of the Y-axis also increases. It is precisely this effect that a portal masters with perfection. In portal construction, it does not matter where the Y-axis is located. It is always guided consistently and guarantees consistently good flatness for large parts. What sets us apart from others? We use three oversized linear roller guides in the Y-axis alone. This results in disproportionate reserves.

Homologated cast steel is used as a building material in all our milling machines. Thus, we create a uniform coefficient of expansion with our solid linear guides and thus guarantee uniform and stress-free thermal behaviour. Convince yourself:

Our complete portfolio

What speaks for us: Quality. Performance. Precision.

At POS we know: Only the best is good enough for our customers. That’s why we rely on high-quality materials for our milling machines.

What else speaks for us:

  • Milling machines for part production as well as tool making, mould making, special machine building and model making
  • Milling of all materials from aluminium to hardened steel
  • Stability, durability and precision are the top priorities in development
  • Highest process and future-proofness, since all options are “on board” as a default


Of course. All POS machines consist of 90 percent quality components from well-known German manufacturers. We have more than 45 years of industry knowledge with a focus on milling machines. And our experienced service team is always there for you.
A modern machining centre is a major purchase – we are aware of this. Therefore, we offer all our POS customers complete financing without a bank. Uncomplicated, without presenting your balance sheet and/or management analysis. The machine alone is our security. And your word!
Yes. POS offers you in-house patented automation solutions from a single source. Now, that’s one less thing to worry about. We take care of the entire system. Even if you are looking for an individual automation solution, you are in the right place at POS. Hundreds of solutions have been installed in the last decade and have been successful together with the customer.

Full equipment is our basic equipment

We already have almost all conceivable options in the standard equipment of our milling machines and lathes. This way, no process-safeguarding elements are omitted. In addition, you can easily add the right automation solution to your machining center even later.