5-axis milling machines designed in Germany.

Our 5-axis milling machines:

H 500 U

Our transformation artist.
5-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=650 mm | y=850 mm | z=500 mm

H 800 U

Our all-rounder with safety reserves.
5-axis milling machine / machining centre
x=670 mm | y=820 mm | z=600 mm

H 2200 U

Large and highly profitable.
5-axis milling machine /
machining centre
x=2.200 mm | y=1.400 mm | z=1.000 mm

Our focus is on milling machines. At the same time, we listen attentively to our customers and offer machines that have actually been developed for the customer and not just to give the shareholder a pretty image.

In this day and age, you certainly do not know what orders you will receive from the market tomorrow. At the same time, you would certainly not put your hand in the fire for an existing order to be placed with you for years to come.
Precisely for this reason, the machine must be as flexible as possible in order to withstand these requirements. POS absolutely does not like to equip an expensive 5-axis machine with only 30 tool positions in the tool changer. Why is that? Since you want to process several sides, a short-term order must also be placed in the tool changer and you must at the same time have the chance to load your tools in the tool changer in a standardized manner in order to avoid collisions. This is why the smallest tool changer at POS is equipped with 60 positions.

The situation on the table is also similar. The customer must be able to change over at short notice without having long downtimes. This is why all POS machines have a hydraulic unit to feed the media feeds in the table centre. This ensures fast, safe and convenient clamping via zero point or automatic vice.

You receive all services from one single source: High quality 5-axis milling machines. The right software to automate your processes. And of course first-class service. Promise.

Our 5-axis milling machines

POS stands for quality. And since that alone is not enough for us, also for: Quality made in Germany.

All our milling machines are deliberately equipped with German components: all POS machines contain more than 90% German quality assemblies. So we can make more than just loose predictions. We can make you a promise: Your milling machine will render faithful service. With appropriate handling for a lifetime.

For two of our three 5-axis milling machines, we rely on the established gantry design. The portal construction forms the basis of the POSmill H 2200 U. All in the name of optimal accessibility. With a weight of 30 tonnes, this portal milling machine achieves the best tool life with workpiece weights of several tonnes.

Areas of application for our 5-axis milling machines

The checklist for your machine choice

The solution for machining small workpieces - POSmill H 500 U

I’m sure you’re aware of the problem: You are working with a 5-axis milling machine, standing at a large table – but you are only machining a small workpiece.

Anyone who now switches to long tools or builds a high clamping tower, risks instability, inaccuracy and long running times.

We have the solution. On our machines, the operator can change the table top himself – within a few minutes. Plus: For automation, there is a fourth plate and an integrated zero-point clamping system to avoid tower construction.

POS - Our name says it all

Why are we called POS? Well: POS means Process Optimization System. We therefore offer milling machines that make your processes leaner, faster, more efficient and more economical.

In order to ensure that this is possible, we will work with you to check the process of workpiece production directly at your site in your workshop. One of our professionals is your personal contact. Together, you select the optimal machining center for your task.

We work with you to find

  • The appropriate milling machine
  • The right automation solution
  • The best manufacturing process
  • The corresponding financing

Incidentally: We can also leave each of our 5-axis milling machines to you as a rental property. This makes short-term procurement possible. This makes short-term procurement possible.

Our complete portfolio


There are no options for POS. With us, all machines are fully equipped. Everything you need is already included. Then you’ll be erring on the safe side.

Yes. POS offers you in-house patented automation solutions from a single source. Now, that’s one less thing to worry about. We take care of the entire system. Even if you are looking for an individual automation solution, you are in the right place at POS. Hundreds of solutions have been installed in the last decade and have been successful together with the customer.

Full equipment is our basic equipment

We already have almost all conceivable options in the standard equipment of our milling machines and lathes. This way, no process-safeguarding elements are omitted. In addition, you can easily add the right automation solution to your machining center even later.